Tuesday, February 16, 2010

About The Funny Pharm

You visit the Funny Pharmacy to laugh, but this site might just save your life.

Research shows a direct link between laughter and longevity: Laugh more ... live longer. 

We've designed the site to be like "Viagra for your funny bone." The Funny Pharmacy is open 24/7 and our drive through window is conveniently located on your computer monitor.

Every prescription is FREE. Just point .. click .. and enjoy a dose of "laughter, the best medicine."

ANTICIPOINTMENT:  We have your vaccination

"Anticipointment" is when you are really looking forward to viewing a movie clip with anticipation, but end up disappointed when the video is MISSING or REMOVED.  Online videos are often HERE today and GONE tomorrow and USUALLY forever;  But, FunnY Pharm videos are an exception.

On most every post you should see a message like this: 'Download your own copy' plus a link to our own backup copy of the video which we keep in a special virtual warehouse.


The Funny Pharmacy dispense the safest medicine in the world. That is because of one fact:

You can't overdose on laughter.

We guarantee it.